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Here's what readers just like you have to say...

Without this book, I would probably be dead or in prison.
J.P. Williams
aerospace engineer (civilian) United States Air Force

Life Changing! Victory Over Anger-Rules of Engagement saved not only our marriage, but our lives.
Dwane and Stephanie Montgomery
owners, Dynamic Painting and Remodeling

A practical and insightful approach in the area of anger management.
Rev. Jamie Storie, MAMFT
Fresh Start Community Church

Victory Over Anger-Rules of Engagement game me the tools, words, and knowledge to properly control my anger.
Rick Lawrence
retired, Tinker Air Force Base

I read Victory Over Anger-Rules of Engagement not thinking I had any anger issues. It gently proved me wrong. Years and years of a terrible marriage had taught me to stuff my feelings. This book helped me find constructive and acceptable ways to deal with my feelings before I reached the dreaded explosion most "stuffers" experience. I am happier than I have ever been by learning to accept myself for who I am and by learning I am the one in control!
Stacey Imhoff
customer service specialist, FEDEX

One thing that has stayed with me after reading this book is learning that I have power through Christ to chose NOT to be angry, that I can take control over my anger. The other thing that has stayed with me is gaining a foothold on my thinking.
Sean Gutteridge, Worship Pastor
Westmoore Community Church

This book shows how one can find balance and how to keep it. It is simple to read and do the workbook. Most of all Teresa shared her own feelings with honesty. I personally believed when I relate, I get much more out of the book. I didn't feel she was just talking. She is serious about the problem.
Connie Davis, Homemaker

The thing I learned most from this book is that although we want things to change in our lives we need to take responsibility for the way we think or act etc....
Laura Murkerson, Certified Medical Massage Therapist

It has been very helpful to learn that anger masks other emotions. I now know I have to identify the emotion that is causing the anger.
Alice Starrett, Stenographer

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